Organizations understand that their employees are unique and so are their experiences. They, therefore, want and need the ability to track indicators for work culture and employee experiences over time. For too long organizations have been reactionary. Real-time monitoring of data arms HR professionals and business leaders to get in front of the challenges and opportunities. This is important especially if its a gap or a risk that needs immediate attention….

We all talk about employee engagement, employee experience, culture and a lot of other things. Is it a new principle, is it an old principle that’s been rebranded? How many organizations practice it, have adopted it? I heard something new at a conference, is it old already? What does it all mean? What’s hot and what’s not in today’s world of work?
We will try to answer all of these questions and more for you: join us for #WorkorceWednesday –…

An employee essentially goes through three stages in their employment lifecycle – preboarding, onboarding, and exit. The employee experience is nothing but the sum of all these experiences in their journey. Employee experience is crucial to organizations since it is what influences the decisions of the employees, to stay or to leave. Needless to say, it also affects employee engagement, productivity and most importantly –…

An employee’s journey from hire to exit takes them through a variety of behaviors and experiences. Many of them could be positive but you can’t always expect all to be that. You can, however, learn from these and improve the employee experience.
Why is an effective employee experience important?
Good employee experience is crucial, for it not only determines the intent of an employee to stay with the organization but also their productivity and engagement….

StubHub has been one of QuestionPro Workforce’s key clients over the years. Recently, we caught up with Parag Vaish, Head of Mobile – StubHub and had a small chat. We spoke about all things employee experience (EX) and how things were changing positively at StubHub after Workforce. We have some excerpts for you from that conversation.
Parag observes that annual reviews, though still followed by many organizations, are pretty much dead….

High employee engagement levels boost organizational productivity, help develop the right workplace culture, and improve employee experience (EX). Engaged employees are better team players, highly proactive, align themselves with the organization’s goals, and help reduce attrition.
Organizations understand the importance of employee engagement, clearly see it’s benefits, but fail to act on it. This inaction is responsible for low engagement levels at many organizations….